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Interview to Giancarlo Luciani, the Agency Owner

According to Giancarlo Luciani, the owner of the agency Luciani Immobiliare (tel. 0577.848095, ), in the country of Docg Brunello di Montalcino, “there are the most beautiful balconies of Tuscany”. In fact, the expert has seen the impressive growth of tourism and real estate in the town in the last 30 years. A tourism that attract also Stars from abroad. Like model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, American Star Michelle Williams and even Naomi Campbell. “Our good luck was that we have always invested well and that the landscape has never been disfigured, thanks to very rigid city planning restrictions. Also, it's the only place in the world where there is the precious vine, impossible to uproot and export anywhere else”. A limited production area, that attracts investors from all the planet. Not by chance in 2016 Epi Group of Christopher Descours, the owner of Piper-Hedsieck, became a major shareholder of "Biondi Santi, with a figure between 200 and 300 million euro taking over Il Greppo, the most important dinasty of Brunello, from which the legend of Montalcino wine was born. “Real Estate Market includes properties from a small two-room apartment in the center, to the ancient buildings (form 100 thousand euro to 1 million and above)- Luciani continues. - And the interest to restore ancient properties remains. The tendency now, starting from 2015, is again investments to rent, which was lost before also as a mindset". There are opportunities. An example? A beautiful country house of 3000 sqft with 5 acres of land at the price of €700 000 for Luciani is a good deal. As well as a purchase of a winery with 12 acres of land, good wine making facility and the market. The price is of 5 million euro, "and the purchaser will surely be rewarded - he concludes - because Brunello is being paid for what it is really worth".