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Giancarlo Luciani, a native of Montalcino, founded Luciani Immobiliare in 1985. And now, after more than 30 years successfully managing the Agency, his love and passion for the Val D'Orcia area remains fresh and undiminished. Thanks to Giancarlo's determination and profound knowledge of the area, his business has become the reference point for buying and selling property in Tuscany. If a property that meets your criteria exists in the area, you may be sure that Giancarlo knows it. Chiara, who has been with the Agency from the beginning, has worked in our branches at Buonconvento and Torrenieri for the last 10 years. Real Estate business, where significant investments are made,is founded on strong trusting relationships with your agent. That's why we want to present ourselves, hoping to know you personally. Should you choose Luciani Immobiliare we want you to know you can count on our complete professionalism and honesty, as well as a customized approach to every customer.


We are Montalcino’s primary Real Estate Agency. We have more than 30 years experience satisfying customers from Italy, and many countries beyond, as they buy or sell properties in the beautiful region of Tuscany. Whether interested in villas, apartments, houses, wine farms, country-houses, luxury properties or business premises, particularly in the Val d'Orcia and Siena areas, as well as in places of historical and tourist interest, we hope we may help and guide you through the whole process. Italy is truly blessed with many charms but our official systems can be a bit daunting. Even for us Italians. So we are here to keep things running smoothly for you, our customer. If selling, we have an efficient process to develop then maximize visibility of your advertisements on the main web portals in Italy and abroad. For buyers, we can use our extensive local and national experience to help guide you to your ideal property. We provide our customers with the best solutions and suggestions that reflect their individual needs.

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Why to buy a property in Val D'Orcia?

Montalcino is an ancient Italian town which is famous in the US, Australia, South Africa and Asia. This is mostly due to Brunello di Montalcino - one of the most famous wines in the world which is produced only in this area. Such a small territory to satisfy needs of the whole world! Montalcino is situated inside the Val D’Orcia Natural Park which was nominated a part of the World Heritage List by Unesco in 2004. The area with its breathtaking panoramic views has no industrial companies and factories, so there is no pollution, including no eye or ear pollution. If we could see the way Val D’Orcia looked 1000 years ago, it probably was very similar to how it looks today. This is our luck, our strength and our pride, ours and of our ancestors who managed to keep it intact! Val D’Orcia is surely a unique place that attracts many tourists, and with them restaurants, wine bars, shops etc., which on their turn bring workforce. People who come here always need houses for rent or for sale which makes a purchase of a property in Val D’Orcia a good investment, and the whole area one of the most attractive in Italy in terms of Real Estate.

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